Trynox Sanitary Single Seat Divert Valve Repair Kit ( LL- LT- TL- TT )

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Repair Even More With Specialized Repair Kits From Chemseal

Our Trynox sanitary single seat divert valve repair kit works great for multiple divert valves, including LL, LT, TL, and TT.

  • Suitable for all hygienic applications

  • Save money by repairing your sanitary valve instead of replacing it

  • Available in certain elastomeric options

  • Maximum operating pressure rating of 140 psi (depending on valve size) at 70 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature

Whether you’re managing fluid operations in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, or other industries that require sanitary stainless steel fittings, we have the perfect divert valve repair kit for you. Save money with Chemseal’s sanitary single seat divert valve repair kit (LL-LT-TL-TT) because you’ll longer have to outright replace your stainless steel sanitary valve. By using a stainless steel fitting repair kit from Chemseal, you can focus your money on other things for your business. No business should be stuck with a broken sanitary stainless steel divert valve. With a repair kit on hand, you’ll be able to quickly repair it and move on with your business operations.


  • Trynox sanitary single seat divert valve repair kit (LL-LT-TL-TT)

  • EPDM material

  • 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” sizes

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