About Us

Chemseal Inc. specializes in the commercialization of valves, pumps, tubes, and other stainless steel products with sanitary finishes. Our stainless steel sanitary fittings comply with international forms such as 3A standards, DIN, AISI, BPE and ASTM. 




The Chemseal team was formed 19 years ago. It all started in Maracay, Venezuela, where our initial metal pipe fittings company started as a distributor for different U.S. stainless steel brands. These stainless steel suppliers wanted to help manufacturers solve their most difficult problems with the most cost effective and efficient solutions available. 

Ten years ago, Trynox came along as the new and only brand that distributed sanitary stainless steel fittings via Chemseal's workforce, and after that, the team wanted more. Now, Trynox has started a new journey - to conquer the U.S. market offering simple solutions to very complex problems. 

We are a driven group of individuals who work with following these corporate values:

  • Motivation: It provides incentives for us to achieve our objectives. 

  • Excellence: It's what makes us unique in the stainless steel parts industry.

  • Compromise: We honor our agreements. 

  • Communication: Chemseal supports a positive connection with our surroundings. 


As a premier specialized stainless steel supplier, our mission is to be the best sanitary equipment provider through quality products and services, innovative designs, and our adherence to corporate environmental responsibility. 


Chemseal's vision is to be a worldwide leader in stainless steel equipment for food, pharmaceutical, beverage, alcohol, and other industries. Feel free to contact our stainless fittings company for more information!