What Is Food-Grade Stainless Steel Tubing?
Nov 7th 2022

What Is Food-Grade Stainless Steel Tubing?

Businesses that produce food and beverage products must operate hygienically. Sterile environments aren’t recommendations; they’re requirements. While proper employee hygiene is essential for maintaining a sanitized workspace, clean equipment and tools also play an important role.

Whether you’re operating a trendy brewery or a busy food manufacturing plant, using the right valves and fittings will transform your workplace hygiene. Discover what food-grade stainless steel tubing is and why it’s important to meet or exceed industry standards.

304 Tubing

304 tubing is one of the most popular hygienic valve options. Any operation handling foods or liquids may use this tubing because of the need for a sanitary environment. 304 tubing is resistant to corrosion due to its material makeup, which features durable substances like nickel and chromium.

If you’re a contractor installing kitchen appliances, you must use 304 stainless steel tubing. These fixtures also work well with manufacturing equipment that doesn’t use chloride substances or high heat.

316 Tubing

Your other option for food-grade stainless steel tubing is 316 tubing. It’s very similar to 304 tubing in look and material makeup. However, manufacturers fortify 316 fixtures with the element molybdenum for additional strength against heat and chloride corrosion.

You’ll find this type of tubing in highly industrial settings. Even though it carries the food-grade label, 316 tubing is perfect for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing due to its sanitary nature. If you’re building a commercial kitchen, you must choose 316 tubing for faucet valves, tap pumps, and other applications.

Why Using Food-Grade Tubing Matters

The most valuable benefit food-grade tubing offers is sanitation. Stainless steel has anti-microbial properties that discourage bacteria growth. They’re easy to connect and disassemble from other machines, making the disinfecting process simple.

Food-grade tubing also has anti-stick properties that work well in food and beverage manufacturing. They won’t degrade in industrial environments that produce extreme heat. Stainless steel valves and fixtures are among the most durable on the market, so your manufacturing operations will always run smoothly.

Chemseal Inc. offers hygienic valves and fittings for businesses across all sectors that require sanitary equipment. Now that you know what food-grade stainless steel tubing is, shop our product collection to find your perfect fit.

Nov 7th 2022

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