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Trynox Sanitary Ball Valve Repair Kit

On Sale
$18.20 - $103.60


Repair Your Valve Instead of Buying a New One

Save installation time and money with the ability to repair one of Chemseal’s Trynox sanitary ball valves through our repair kit.

  • PTFE/EPDM material

  • Maximum operating pressure rating of 140 psi (depending on valve size) at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Ideal for repairing Trynox sanitary ball valves

  • Available in two elastomeric combinations

There’s no reason that your business should be spending extra money to replace a sanitary stainless steel ball valve that doesn’t need to be replaced. Many stainless steel sanitary valve and tubing manufacturers don’t sell repair kits, forcing you to purchase a new product. Chemseal encourages the ability to fix and repair stainless steel fittings.Though you shouldn't have to replace our high-quality sanitary stainless steel fittings and sanitary valves very often, it’s assuring to know that there’s a sanitary ball valve repair kit on the market in case the need arises.


  • Trynox TBBACC Sanitary Ball Valve

  • Sizes include 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3”

  • 304 or 316L grade

  • Surface finish 180 Grit ID/150 Grit OD

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