Trynox Sanitary "L"Type Filter

  • Trynox Sanitary "L"Type Filter
  • Trynox Sanitary "L"Type Filter
  • Trynox Sanitary "L"Type Filter
  • Trynox Sanitary "L"Type Filter
$800.00 - $1,050.00


Separate Undesirable Particles From Liquid Products With Our “L” Type Filter

Chemseal’s Trynox Sanitary “L” Type Filter uses hygienic, sanitary stainless steel fittings to filter out unwanted particles in your hygienic fluid operation, leaving only what’s desired.

  • Surface finishing 180 Grit ID/150 Grit OD

  • Fits to Sanitary Stainless Steel Tubing

  • Fast and easy take-down assembly and cleaning

  • Maximum operating pressure rating of 140 psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature

Thanks to Chemseal’s Trynox Sanitary “L” Type Filter, and its sanitary stainless steel components, your hygienic fluid operation will benefit by removing the unwanted particles in your process, leaving you with your intended product. This sanitary stainless steel fitting and filter works great for nearly any sanitary liquid process industry, including the food and beverage industries. Your business can trust Chemseal to provide you with the very best in sanitary “L” type filters, along with our wide selection of other great sanitary valves, sanitary tubing, and other sanitary stainless steel fittings.


  • Trynox TSFALBC Sanitary “L” Type Filter

  • 316L grade

  • 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” sizes

  • 3/64” type strainer hole

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