3 Sanitation Tips for Dairy Production Factories

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When it comes to dairy production, avoiding contamination should always be the number one priority. Unfortunately, in an unorganized or poorly managed production factory, contamination and foodborne illnesses can start at any point throughout the production process. This is why it's so important for dairy production factories to have strict sanitation protocols in place. So if you're looking for a way to improve sanitation in your factory, consider these tips.

Improve employee training: One of the first areas to begin with improving sanitation in dairy production is the employees. After all, your employees are the ones who touch and interact with the products on a daily basis. So with that in mind, it's crucial to ensure each and every employee is trained on the importance of personal hygiene, how to properly handle both ingredients and the final products, and sanitation protocols. Training should always be ongoing so employees can brush up on their practices.

Upgrade documentation processes: Record-keeping is a major aspect of sanitation, particularly in the food and beverage industries. This is why your dairy production factory should improve and upgrade the way you keep documentation. In doing this, you can not only ensure sanitation protocols are being followed, by you'll have organized documentation if audit authorities need to look at your records. This can be a win-win situation.

Use stainless steel sanitary tubing: Sanitation really boils down to what kind of materials you're using for production. Stainless steel parts are extremely hygienic, easy to clean, and easy to use. This material is also versatile, seeing as how the five most popular uses for Stainless Steel 316 are boat fittings, jet engine parts, laboratory equipment, chemical containers, and pharmaceutical processing equipment. Stainless steel should be used when it comes to important parts like sanitary check valves, sanitary tubing, and pipe fittings. This way, the ingredients and finished products can be kept as clean as possible.

Sanitation is something that should be continuously discussed and improved, especially in the food and beverage industries, where contamination risk is often high. Following these simple tips and investing in the right production equipment can help improve sanitation in your dairy production factory.

Apr 1st 2019

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