7 Factors to Consider When Buying Sanitary Strainers

If you’re operating a small manufacturing plant where you need to remove solid particles from liquid or gas, you need to consider sanitary strainers. These are mechanical components that are extensively used in several industries to filter out unwanted solid substances. Sanitary filters have small holes which physically strain the waste from passing through.

Here are some of the things you need to check when buying sanitary strainers.

1. Intended Use

The intended use of sanitary strainers is one of the major factors that you need to put into consideration before you make a purchase decision. This corresponds to the industry in which the sanitary fitting ought to be used. In most cases, strainers are used in organic industries such as pharmaceuticals, food packaging, and daily production among others. Having prior information about the intended use will help you in finding the right filter.

2. Particle Characterization

Another factor that you need to understand before purchasing a sanitary strainer is the particles you will be filtering out. There is no doubt that you already know what to expect after the filtration process. If you are dealing with large foreign particles, you need a strainer with big holes. In most cases, you will be dealing with fine soil particles, which means that you have to consider sanitary strainers with very small holes.

3. Minimum and Maximum Pressure

This is a more technical aspect, but you have to understand it before making the purchase decision. Each sanitary tubing that you will find in the stores is designed to operate under a specific minimum and maximum pressure. Knowing how your manufacturing process works helps you to understand the necessary working pressure of the equipment that you will use. However, you should pay much attention to maximum pressure as compared to minimum pressure.

4. Material Used

Different sanitary strainers are made using different materials, which means that you have to check the material preference before committing your money. Sanitary strainers stainless steel is the best in the industry as they are durable and easy to maintain as compared to strainers made using other materials. However, not every stainless steel material grade is preferred. Pay huge attention to stainless steel 304, which is the commonly used stainless steel grade.

5. Solid Capture Percentage

Solid capture percentage has everything to do with the solids captured within a specific period. If you are constantly stopping the production process so that you can remove the solid captured, you might have to consider using another strainer. The production rate will be delayed by constant plant shutdown. Sometimes you might find it difficult to meet order deadlines. If you have such problems, you need to consider a dual strainer that can accommodate a huge solid capture percentage.

6. Process Flow Rate

Process flow rate is the speed at which the fluid is passing through the stainless steel sanitary filters. Different sanitary strainers have different process flow rate, which is essential in the functioning of the entire system. Forcing large volumes of fluid through a small strainer will cause holdups and sometimes blockage. This is a time-wasting scenario because you have to wait before you can run the system again. Make sure you select a strainer that can handle large volumes of the fluid being filtered.

7. Operating Cost

The initial cost of sanitary strainers is an important factor that you have to analyze. Different metrics mean different initial prices. You have to consider a strainer that fits into your budget while at the same time offering the needed filtration services. Another additional aspect that has everything to do with cost is the operating expenses. Get a strainer that will cost you less to repair and to replace.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when you are purchasing sanitary strainers for industrial applications. Your aim is to reduce wastage, increase product quality, and increase organization efficiency to make profits. Checkout different strainers out there in the stores before you can make the purchase decision.

Sep 23rd 2019

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