Filtration Systems And Cannabis Products: Understanding The Important Connection

As marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized throughout the United States -- for both medicinal and recreational purposes -- more and more entrepreneurs are becoming interesting in entering the business. However, creating and selling cannabis-based products is much more complicated than it may initially seem. There are many different legal issues to consider, for one thing, so be prepared to have a good lawyer on your side. In addition, the processing and packaging of cannabis products can be somewhat complex.

With that being said, you'll most likely find that your hard work and dedication is worth it. There is a lot of potential untapped financial gain the cannabis industry. Of course, one of the reasons why it can be difficult to break into this industry is that many don't understand the types of equipment necessary to produce cannabis-based products. Below, we'll look into the equipment needed to manufacture these products -- and why the investment could be worth your while.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Filters: How DO They Relate To The Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry has come a long way from the days in which people made their products in their basements or back yards. In this day and age, products are often made with stainless steel sanitary filters, just as they would be if they were traditional pharmaceutical products or even food products.

Think about using sanitary strainers or filters in the same way that you would use water filters. You want your water to be as clear and pure as possible. Those in the cannabis industry have the same goals, especially as their customers become more and more discerning. For that matter, when legal cannabis products are being produced, they have to adhere to very specific health and safety standards. If the right stainless steel sanitary filters are not used, not only will these products potentially fail to adhere to these standards -- they may also be low quality, with their strength diminished. Using improper sanitary fittings or even the wrong sanitary tubing could negatively affect your business on a wide scale.

What Types Of Products Are Made With Stainless Steel Sanitary Filters?

What exactly is made using these filters? Well, think about cannabis oil. This is made using extracts from the cannabis plant. These extracts can be used to create cannabis oil, and in turn edible products. However, there extracts can also be used to make medical marijuana products, as well as hemp oil or even cannabis sativa. For connoisseurs, it's actually quite easy to tell the difference between a high quality product (e.g., one that has been filtered well) and one that hasn't been well-filtered.

Medical marijuana products are perhaps the most reliant upon a proper filtration system. Ironically, just as the medical marijuana industry is meant to make the most of an existing product, steel filters can be made from recycled steel, as well. Since two or three tons of new steel come from old steel, the cannabis industry can be truly beneficial on an environmental level.

How Does The Filtration System Work?

Usually, after the initial extraction the liquid product is run through an initial filtration process that extracts all biomass, which is to say the solid materials that can still be left in the liquid. After that is removed, which can often require the liquid being filtered several different times, most prefer to remove the chlorophyll from the product. Removing chlorophyll is done to render the product clear. This makes the product more subtle and appealing to the eye, but doesn't change the integrity of the product itself. Afterwards, fine particles and small pieces of debris can be removed from the product; there really is no such thing as too many filtrations in this regard. At that point, the product can be bottled or infused into other products.

Oct 7th 2019

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