Take Your Brewing Game To The Next Level With These Handy Gadgets

Another blog about brewing beer? Yes, readers, we are hitting you with another brewing-related blog. In the past, Chemseal has extensively covered topics related to the main industries we work with like food and beverage, dairy, biotech, and so forth. Of course, we’ve also covered beer in the past, but we think that this magical, hoppy beverage deserves more of a spotlight. Unless you’re unemployed, gluten intolerant (there are ways around this!) or you’re making positive and healthy life changes, surely you can appreciate beer and the beer brewing process just as much as we do. Plus, it’s fun to read and write about, so why not?

Superior Sanitary Piping Design For Your Brewing Operations

Those who have a passion for brewing beer tend to (literally) pour their heart and soul into the experience, and it be would be nothing shy of a total shame for the beer to go bad. Fortunately, with the reliable stainless steel tubing products we carry at Chemseal, thanks to our partnership with Trynox, we make sure that your beer maintains its true integrity. By keeping sanitary piping design in mind, we’ve been able to help many industries safely and hygienically manufacture various products. Check it out for yourself and shop our sanitary stainless fittings and sanitary tubing today!

Now, let’s take a look at some brewing gizmos and gadgets that you may or may not have been aware of.


An Immersion Wort Chiller

If you’re not super-savvy with brewing, you might be wondering just what on earth an immersion wort chiller is. Considered an essential piece of brewing equipment by many dedicated and long-bearded brewers, immersion wort chillers also lower the risk of bacterial contamination. Wort refers to the liquid extracted from beer or whiskey during the brewing or distillation process and contains the sugars that will then be fermented by the brewing yeast in order to produce alcohol. Because wort must be cooled as quickly as possible from boiling to your yeast to reaching pitch temp, devices like a wort chiller make brewing a little easier - or depending on how much beer you brew, a lot easier.

A Refractometer

Okay, so you know what an immersion wort chiller is, but what’s a refractometer? Great question. Refractometers measure the amount of sugar dissolved in a solution, providing you with an instant reading of the specific gravity, or relative density of the wort as compared to water during various stages of the brewing process. A hydrometer achieves a similar purpose, but with a refractometer, you only need a few drops of liquid as opposed to an entire test jar. If you’re serious about your brewing game, this is a very useful tool to have on deck.

A Digital Timer

What on earth is a digital timer, you ask? Jokes aside, brewing is often a timing-based experience. While your smartphone has a built-in timer, and you might even have a brewing app that helps you time various steps of the process, a dedicated digital timer is the way to go. Brewing is not only timing-based, but also process-oriented, so you’ll likely need to time multiple processes at the same time. Digital timers are useful because some models offer alarms that go off at multiple steps, meaning that you can set one central alarm for your entire brew day. And hey, if there’s long less thing you have to worry about during your precious brewing operation, that frees up more time to do other things, like have a beer with friends.

A Digital Thermometer

Hooray, more digital conveniences! Most homebrewers usually have their own digital thermometer, and for a number of good reasons. Because brewing is as temperature-sensitive of an experience as it is timing-sensitive, you’ll want instant temperature ratings that are also highly accurate, down to a margin of +/-.5°F. Certain models of digital thermometers feature alarms that are set to specific temperature readings, so that can be a huge convenience as well. As long as you don’t go too cheap on a digital thermometer (there are nearly thousands of options out there on the market), your brewing operation will surely benefit from a reliable temperature readout.

A pH Meter and pH Strips

If you’re transitioning or upgrading to all-grain brewing from extract-based brewing, you’ll need to consistently monitor the pH levels of your mash. pH levels are critical because the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down starches in the grain work best within a specific pH range. In other words, if your pH is too high or low, you’ll lose efficiency in a given “brew day.” Plus, as a bonus, you’ll feel like a scientist as you’re taking pH measurements.

Create Safe, Consumable Products With Sanitary Stainless Steel Tubing Design

Quality products call for quality components, and that’s where Chemseal and Trynox excel. From sanitary stainless steel fittings to sanitary tubing, we’re the industry experts in hygienic tubing design. Questions? Learn more about how sanitary stainless steel products can benefit you and your operation by contacting us today

Jan 19th 2018 Chemseal

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