Trynox Sanitary Hex. Tube Hanger / Thermoplastic

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  • Trynox Sanitary Hex. Tube Hanger / Thermoplastic
  • Trynox Sanitary Hex. Tube Hanger / Thermoplastic
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Thermoplastic Support To Optimize Your Sanitary Fluid Operations

Hex tube rubber hangers are relatively common sanitary stainless steel fittings that many industries rely on. Thermoplastic support will assure that this components holds up to intense heat.

  • Fits to sanitary stainless steel tubing

  • Two-piece design makes for easy disassembly, maintenance and clean-up

  • Comes with thermoplastic support

  • Available in multiple sizes and materials

Chemseal’s Trynox sanitary hex tube rubber hanger is an ideal sanitary fitting to incorporate in your sanitary fluids operation, complete with thermoplastic support for heat resistance. With Chemseal’s Trynox sanitary, thermoplastic hex tube rubber hanger, you can connect, terminate, control and change the direction of tubing in many different industries, thanks to high-quality stainless steel. Get the best thermoplastic support in the integral solutions market with Chemseal’s Trynox thermoplastic sanitary hex tube hanger and other sanitary stainless steel fittings.


  • Trynox T26TH sanitary thermoplastic rubber hex tube hanger

  • 304 grade

  • 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” or 4” sizes

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